Feel the spirit of the mountain of senses!

online tickets available from 18.05.2024

The Asitz mountain “Berg der Sinne” (Mountain of Senses) in Leogang is all about experiences - large, little, loud, quiet, fast, and slow - stimulating and activating all of your senses. Genuine “aha” experiences are provided by nature itself, and are sure to leave long-lasting impressions on all visitors, whatever their age.Fancy some action? Absolutely no problem, but this is also a place you can also discover quite the opposite: beautiful peace and tranquility. Enjoy listening to the sound of water as you take in the views of the impressive mountains around you and ponder awhile. It is the variety that makes this place so special. The Mountain of Senses is a place of adrenaline and rest, loud and quiet, exercise and relaxation, all in close proximity to each other.

More here: www.bergdersinne.at

Family tickets: second child 50% less, third child and more: FREE - please buy all ticket at the cash desh in Leogang. Tax authorities validation of the family allowance is required

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